How to Put Links in Blogspot Page Comments Section HTML/JAVA Script Code.

How to Put Links in Blogger Comments
You know when you try to leave a link in the comments section of Blogger blogs and it never links? There's a way around that. Don't abuse this, obviously, but this is such a handy little tip, particularly if you want to link to a particular post.

First of all, make sure you are on the page for this particular post. Do that by clicking on the title above. Done that? Great! Now, if you look down, you'll see buttons so you can spread the love and share this with Blogger friends if you find it useful (they'll love you for it). Now, bookmark it so you can come back if you need to. You'll notice the URL is different. It's not - it'll have the title after it too. This is the kind of URL you need if you want to link to a particular post - whether on your blog or someone else's - in a comment. If you just link to the home page, the post you like may not be current.

See The Picture Below :  This is the HTML Code

Example : {{ a href="">Rahim's World</a> }}

Simply replace the first red text with the URL of the post or blog you want to link to, and make the second URL the text you want to display. So that would show up as The Bexter Review in a comment, and would link back here.

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